Top 6 Beauty Buys of 2016

Disclaimer: This is not a detailed post for swatches or product breakdown. This is just for my personal amusement and also because I'm bored with nothing to do. 

Around late 2015, I suddenly developed an interest in makeup.

But not for wearing them. 

I merely liked the feeling of seeing them in their pans and cases and also loved swatching and comparing them. I did occasionally use them (like twice a year) but now I realize, I might be a makeup hoarder collector. If the items were limited edition, they caught my attention easier as compared to those that were not. Featured in the list below are 6 (of the many) that I have no regrets purchasing and in no particular order. 

1. Wet n Wild Holiday 2016 Collection
Wet n Wild has really stepped up their game lately and any makeup fan would tell you what a nightmare it is to get one of their limited edition collections. Fortunately, WnW learned from their past launches and this one lingered for a bit (by that I mean like, a day) and I was one of the lucky ones to be able to purchase one. However, a lot of people realized that the pigments were missing from their orders when they received them. Thankfully, I was not one of them. 

2. Covergirl Star Wars lipsticks
Being a fan of Star Wars consequently leads me to love star wars related merchandise and because my fave (and only) makeup item I use on a regular basic is the lipstick, I needed to have this (key word: need) and so I did. I am proud of myself for not caving in and buying everything because some colours were rather impractical (like the silver). I had to purchase the gold though.  
Cuz C3PO. 

3. LORAC Mega Pro 3
I was late to the makeup game, and could only envy those who owned the 1&2. When I saw the previews for the MP3 though, I knew that it had to belong to me. It was loaded with rose golden warm tones and those are the kind of eyeshadows I use the most. However, it was extremely difficult (and expensive) to get hold of one and now that it's in my hands, I'm so scared to touch it but I know one day (maybe 10 years down the road) I will. 

4.  Boxycharm November 2016
I can't even begin to describe how blessed I got with this box. I managed to get everything I wanted and really enjoyed the contents. The highlight was the studio on the go cool toned palette that's really pigmented and wearable. I'm so glad that I got the vintage highlighter because it's just so pretty (and we all know by now that's why I like makeup. cuz it's pretty in its little box). I also got a MANNA lip stain and a Luxie beauty small contour brush, both of which will come really useful. There was also a Skyn icelandic eye relief cream, which I gave to my mum. 

5. Urban Decay Alice through the looking glass eyeshadow palette 
Now this one, was a major steal. When it first released, it retailed for 60 USD and while the palette caught my eye, I did not want to spend that much on colours I would hardly use. A few months later during the Black Friday sales, I chanced upon this palette on sale for 27USD and I snagged it faster than a kid would gobble up ice cream. Glad I did because it sold out the next time I checked.

6. Colourpop tie dye shadows
These were also really tough to get, but these are my first colourpop shadows and I have to say I really like them. They're different from other eyeshadow formulas but are extremely pigmented. 

Okay, so here's a bonus. The reason why this isn't in my top 6 is because well,  I forgot about it.

Kylie Jenner released her cosmetics line about a year ago, and in August 2016, she released her birthday edition collection. While I'm aware of her lip and ass injecting tendencies and am probably helping her enlarge them by buying her things, I can't deny that the quality of her products (especially in this collection) are very good. I was really impressed with the products from her birthday line. 
So that sumps up some of my favourite beauty buys from 2016. 

Nicki Minaj should use less tho.

Lessons from 2016

In the two years that I have not blogged, I have learnt a multitude of lessons, some of which have repeatedly been taught to me. 

1. Love exists. 
2. People change. 
3. You can get sick of a place you grew up in. 
4. You can develop a skin thick enough to tell people off. 
5. It is possible for life to throw multiple lemons at a time. 
6. God is good, all the time. 

Tough decisions lie ahead of me. 

Why You Should Never Get Back Together With Someone Who Cheated On You.

"Once a cheater, always a cheater."

Maybe not. Maybe, a cheater would not repeat his mistakes and maybe he would have learned his lesson.

But once trust is gone, it's gone. There's no rebuilding it. There will always be the doubts, the fears, the questions that could eventually cause the emotional drainage of an individual who has been cheated on. 

I'm not saying don't forgive a cheater, but I'm saying don't repeat that mistake of being with them. 
Forgive them and above all, forgive yourself for allowing yourself to go through that heartbreak. Forgive yourself for ignoring every bit of intuition that screamed "he's cheating on you"and forgive yourself for tolerating the crap you know in your heart you don't deserve, but graciously let it slide because you believe in love. 

But don't take them back. 

It's one thing to be naive, and another to be forgiving. 
Over the years, I have learnt that you can forgive without being naive. 
Naivity is the road to destruction, honestly. People take you for granted, step all over you, and when they're done with you, they throw you away like you never mattered. 

So what do you do if you still love a cheater? There's nothing wrong in loving, 
but what's the point of being with someone who doesn't care enough to be with you?

Ask yourself whether you can live with that heartbreak, and the answer you give will remind you of why you shouldn't get back together with a cheater. 

Oh no I didn't

Currently butt-numbingly bored, so I decided to take advantage of my blog. A week's break, and I can brazenly say I've done nothing productive. My stats lecturer's emails drive me towards the Grand Guild of Guilt. 

Boredom made my mind wander towards memory lane and was suddenly appalled by the history of my music taste. When I was 16 and not having a very sweet life, one of the most listened to songs was "Party People"by Fergie ft Nelly(or was it the other way round).

Now, I cringe at the memory. I blame Physics. The torture I put myself through must have caused me some kind of brain damage...

"where my p-p-p-party people at."

What was I thinking, listening to people acting like they were having seizures while half naked and walking past other people who looked like they died in eyeliner? Fergie tied her hair so tight, her eyes look like they were stretched towards her temples. 

Other atrocities I listened to were Britney, Ke$ha(like who the hell spells their name with a dollar sign? Oh, apparently casha does), JLO. Little did I realize that I was indulging in songs about sex and money and the dire need to shake their butts in front of an unsuspecting guy.

At least I never liked Nicki Minass Minaj...